Sensory Activity Fun with Your Child(ren)

sensory activities for children

When you are at home with your child(ren), it is important to introduce them to various activities that can help improve their fine motor skills. These five activities are easy to do together and will aid in fine motor skills practice while providing tactile and sensory fun. Each activity can be done with items that you probably have at your home already.

1. Soft Slime - This homemade slipe has a soft, fluffy consistency because it has a secret ingredient ... shaving cream. Click here to view the ingredients and directions on how to make it.

2. Finger Painting - This activity can help introduce kiddos that have an aversion to paint textures to a thicker alternative. Click here to view the Mama OT recipe for nontoxic do-it-yourself paint to make a fingerprint tree or even freestyle on blank paper.

3. Color Sorting - Show your child how to grab a small amount of clay and then have your child(ren) practice color sorting by matching each swab with the same color lid. This is a great way to refine fine motor skills while practicing color sorting. Click here to learn more.

4. Masking Tape Racetrack - Transform your child(ren)'s favorite space into a speedway or even a town with parking spots and barriers. You can even build it with them making it a fun activity to do together. Simply shape out the roads with masking or electrical tape and have your child(ren) set up the obstacles they want to drive through. Click here to learn more.

5. Mess-Free Color Play - This activity only requires two ingredients ... shaving cream and food coloring. Click here to see how to set everything up. This is great for children who do not like to get their hands messy but still want to play with colors. Your child(ren) can move the shaving cream around and even draw in it with their fingers.

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